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We provide a wide range of professional consulting services to meet a variety of client needs. Including:

  • Expert witness
  • Claims analysis
  • Claims preparation
  • Exhibit preparation
  • Litigation support
  • Comparative studies

While every construction team expends great effort from the design phase through construction and closeout to resolve disputes fairly, even the best teams run into disputes.

When even the best of efforts fail, it is imperative to have an experienced professional working to resolve the dispute with the most favorable manner attainable for your particular situation.

CS can provide claim and dispute analysis and if necessary, provide expert witness testimony. CS also has experience with various dispute resolution approaches, such as Owner/Contractor dispute resolution boards, arbitration, and mediation and provides advice as well as assistance if you are involved in a dispute involving one of these venues.

The CS team can provide the complete range of project management services required to resolve any construction related dispute in a timely and cost effective manner. These services are available as a package or individually to suite your specific requirements. Because of our unique mix of construction professionals, the cost of employing the CS team is among the most competitive in the industry. 

Pre-construction services

We provide professional services for owners considering future projects who need assistance in evaluating the feasibility and conceptual costs etc. Some owners find it of value to hire us to provide consulting services assisting them in deciding what type of construction method best fits their needs and their circumstances with respect to their in house staffing capabilities, expertise and program goals.

We provide our professional expertise to work with Architects and Engineers to maximize the design while changes can be made on paper, not only decreasing initial costs and increasing value by integrating the latest technologies available but decreasing change orders and construct-ability issues before they become a problem. Reducing conflicts and changes saves both money and time.

We can also assist you in interviewing potential design team and construction team members, from Architects to Engineers to Construction Managers, we can help you advertise for, evaluate and select these professional service providers as your Construction Professional.

Pre-Construction Services Include:

  • Value engineering analysis
  • Construct-ability reviews
  • Design team management
  • Scope package development
  • Estimate evaluations
  • Bid evaluations & recommendations
  • Contract negotiation support
  • Program procedures
  • Scheduling development or analysis

Post-Construction Services:

We also provide post construction services for owners who are facing close out problems including conflict resolution, mediation assistance, close out service completion, punch lists, warranty assistance etc.

Some owner’s need post completion reporting of documents which will be used for operations and maintenance as well as archiving of the documents accumulated during construction for future reference and value added to future buyers of the property; maximizing the return on the original owner’s investment.

Post-Construction Services Include:

  • Change order negotiation
  • Contract administration
  • Dispute resolution
  • Management information system
  • Document control Systems
  • Post completion analysis
  • Quality control inspections
  • Code compliance inspections
  • Close out evaluation
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