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Sanford C. Loy CCM BArch MSCE 

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Founder & Principal

Construction Strategies


Founder & President

Construction Plus, Inc. 


Prior to 1988:

Director of New Construction and Development

Belz Enterprises

Project Manager

Christman Construction

Regional Engineer

American Institute of Steel Construction

Director of Engineering Services

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)


  • Accidents / Injuries / Safety

  • Building Codes / Materials

  • Construction & Engineering

  • Development

  • Failure Analysis

  • Project delivery methodologies

  • Project Management

  • Property Management

On Expert Witnessing

Sandy brings over four decades and a Billion dollars of project experience in the construction industry, encompassing virtually every type of building and design process. He began his career as a structural engineer in TVA’s nuclear design program, then as a regional engineer with the American Institute of Steel Construction before taking on senior positions for major regional construction and development companies.

Sandy’s strength as an expert witness centers on his understanding of the dynamics, responsibilities and interactions of all various trades and professions unique to every building project, regardless of the delivery system used. He has extensive experience in Design-Build, Construction Management and Traditional Design-Bid-Build and understands the nuances of each process and where the potholes lurk. He works for both defendants and plaintiffs.

On Becoming an Expert

An attorney friend who knew my background asked me to help him on a case over 15 years ago and I enjoyed the change of pace and new challenges so much I knew it was something I wanted to do more of.  

I started looking more diligently for opportunities in 2008 when the economy crashed.... the crash seemed to create more opportunities through increased litigation over failed projects, and it served as a great way to fill my time during the slump in the construction market. As I move toward semi-retirement I plan to continue working as an expert as a way to stay active in my profession and the business community.

On Working with Attorneys

“I love working with Attorneys because they are typically extremely focused on achieving winning results for their clients. As an expert witness it is understandable that my desire is to help my attorney client make their case as strong as possible. This can be especially true in contingency fee cases where the attorney’s compensation may be totally at risk. Consequently, I believe it is incumbent upon me as the construction expert to make sure my reports and/or testimony provide support of the goals of the attorney without going beyond what my research, tests, experience and science supports.”

“I adhere to a code that giving honest and accurate testimony in a balanced and fair manner --based solely on the research, testing, science, project documentation and within my field of expertise --is paramount to making my paradigm of the facts in each case compelling to the judge and/or jury. ”

I have found that my depth of experience with contract agreements across all project delivery types has provided my past client attorneys with indisputable evidence leading to winning results. The construction industry has become so fragmented in terms of the management processes applied to project, many disputes are allowed to develop to the point of requiring litigation to resolve. Putting the pieces together of who, why and how certain mis-steps led to litigation is a challenge I both enjoy and have had great success with in the past.

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