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What is CCM and why it matters....

Everyone recognizes a badly run project; disasters are conspicuous. But what are the reliable indicators that a project will go well?

It’s fair to say that one of the surest predictors of a successful project or program is the involvement of experienced professionals who have met consensus standards and earned recognition from their peers.

The Construction Management Association of America has spent over 30 years developing a certification program which meets the stringent standards of ANSI. The Certified Construction Manager program has become the international gold standard for professional construction management and has been sanctioned by ANSI, being recognized in over 145 countries.

Click here to see the CCM Registry containing over 1500 certified construction managers.

The CCM designation assures you that your construction service provider will practice under the CMAA standards of professional practice and code of ethics. No different than the licensing of Architects and engineers this program requires a relevant college degree, professional experience and passing of a professional level written exam. Subsequent certification requires continuing education and professional training assuring CCM's will always provide state of the art services to their clients.

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