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“Sandy Loy served as an expert witness in one of my most prominent cases. His professionalism and upstanding character made his testimony invaluable to me. His familiarity with both financial and management aspects of construction match an expertise befitting his 40+ years in the field. I am extremely pleased with the results!”

Kevin Heard, Attorney at law, Heard Ary, LLC

"​I hired Sandy as an expert witness in a complex commercial construction matter. He was responsive, very thorough and helpful. I highly recommend him as an expert witness in construction matters." 

Heather Anderson, Attorney at law, Bernstein, Stair and McAdams, LLC

“We are a tough customer...we are demanding and we know it. Sandy met and exceeded our expectations – the quality of service we received was exceptional. Sandy's integrity is 100% genuine...he delivered on every promise he made. Kudos!”

Dr. Jerry Fussell, President, JBF Associates

"Sandy has been spot on with his understanding of construction management issues. As a consultant I have found his observations and reports to be both accurate and timely. He understands construction."

"Sandy was very helpful to me in recent litigation. I needed his construction expertise and he delivered on every count. He was great to work with."

Lynn Tarpy, Attorney, Tarpy, Cox, Fleishman & Levielle, PLLC

Cynthia Hall, Attorney, Franklin, Cooper & Marcus, PLLC

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